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We are passionate about all things music and our mission is to enable anyone to learn and succeed to play the instrument of their choice. JoyTunes invites you to become part of our thriving active community of passionate music teachers. Input from our teacher community is essential in shaping our apps and we understand that in order to make our apps successful we need to work with those who know best, the music teachers. Our teacher community is comprised of teachers who are continually learning and creating. Teachers who thrive, when their students thrive. JoyTunes is thrilled to provide you with multiple outlets to continue to develop and share through our blog, online webinar presentations or local clinics. We aim to help you learn more about our tools and using technology in your lessons.


Live and In Person

We are constantly receiving requests to train teachers on implementing technology into their studios and questions about how best to use the iPad to motivate students. In response, we are delighted to announce we will be running a series of FREE clinics which will enable you to experience our apps and general iPad usage in person, learn about other technological solutions for your studio and take part in a dialog with other teachers to share experiences. What is a JoyTunes clinic, you ask? Certified JoyTunes teachers travel America visiting music stores and piano teacher association local chapters to give presentations on how to use JoyTunes apps in your lessons as well as other music apps. Clinics involve a demonstration as well as a Q & A session. JoyTunes clinics are a great way to meet other teachers like you, integrating technology in the lesson.


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Enriching Your Experience

We want to make sure our community is well equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to make the best of our tools. Here you will find video tutorials to guide you through various features, guidelines for using piano maestro and guidelines to pass onto parents to better understand why and how you are using our apps in your lessons. We hope these resources not only help you better understand our apps, but enrich the way you use them.